Boudoir Photography “People Love Us on Yelp” Award Winner!

We did it again this year! Thank you to everyone who Yelped us this year. We won the “People Love Us on Yelp” Award.

It is an honor, and such a great feeling to know so many people are happy with the service and products we provide.

ChristinaBoudoir Photography “People Love Us on Yelp” Award Winner!
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We are moving, still in Downtown Walnut Creek!

We have just signed the lease for a new space- downtown, Walnut Creek.This is so exciting. Renovations begin soon! Our new spot is so close to all the local restaurants and businesses we love. Expect to see us out at Happy Hour after long days of renovating. Find us at our new address;

1537 North Main Suite R

Walnut Creek, Ca 94596



ChristinaWe are moving, still in Downtown Walnut Creek!
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I am too “old” for boudoir…

I can not say it enough..There is no age limit to boudoir.  Boudoir, to me, is meant to capture a side of yourself that you may rarely see. It is a body position, a look in the is not limited someones size or gender, and certainly not age!

Ladies come in all the time in their 20’s and say,

“I want to do this before I am 30”.

Ladies in their 30’s say,

“I want to do this before I am 30”.

Ladies in their 30’s say,

“I want to do this before I am 40”.

50’s before 60, 60 before 70..

We have have shot some gorgeous silver haired ladies. Recently, the mother of one of the ladies we had in before came in herself. Her photos are so classy and sexy. I am so grateful for her sharing;

“It was probably one of the best things I ever did when my daughter asked if I would like to make an appointment to take boudoir photographs. Why not? It was a challenging time and I needed some cheering up…

Enter the Alias Josie Studio where I met Christina and Jake. Christina immediately sat me down in the dressing room and asked, “What did you

bring?” I showed her my finest two nighties. She liked them and immediately began to hot-roll my hair, spending about a half hour (maybe longer!) doing my make-up, something I haven’t seriously approached in years, not even at a Sephora counter.

After make-up we laid out outfits with picks from her well-stocked selection of heels and jewelry. I was ready! With Christina’s direction, I posed beneath a chandelier, coquettishly in bed, and at a window with flowing white curtains.

I never felt embarrassed. Jake was unobtrusive and the results were stunning. Was that me?

Did I mention that I’m in my sixties!?”

ChristinaI am too “old” for boudoir…
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Splash of Color

We take a lot of photos that look amazing in Black and White, sometimes people ask for them specifically. I like to play with a splash of color, especially in albums. Choosing a color for shoes, lips, nails, eyes or clothing details can add a beautiful visual interest. It can also pull together Black and White images taken on different sets/in different attire.

I love classic pink or red, but it can be fun and eye catching to use other colors. Make it personal, pick your favorite color, or your significant other’s. Get creative!

ChristinaSplash of Color
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Thumbtack Best of 2016!

We’re proud to announce that we have been awarded a “Best of 2016” award from Thumbtack for our consistently positive reviews. We have had some great clients find us through Thumbtack and we’re planning to keep our 5 star rating all year. Thanks Thumbtack.

ChristinaThumbtack Best of 2016!
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  • Pin-up Fun
  • Pin-up Fun
  • Pin-up Fun

Pin-up Fun

We’ve been doing quite a few Pin-up shoots recently and wanted to share some photos from our most recent session. We always have fun crafting a narrative with props and a healthy dose of attitude.

Here’s some fun trivia about the origins of the term “Pin-up”:

The term Pin-up originates from the late 19th century when burlesque performers and actresses would construct a persona via photo cards to advertise themselves. These photo cards would would be found “pinned up” around the the mirrors in green rooms (back stage).

Source and more details: Wikipedia –



ChristinaPin-up Fun
read more Feature Magazine did an interview on our studio recently, their photographer came by the studio last week to get shots of me and the studio. First, I want to say how easy it was to talk to Catherine (the journalist that interviewed me). She asked intriguing and direct questions.  We’ve put so much work into building the space and getting it ready for our own use. Having a fresh pair of photographer-eyes come in with different ideas/visions was very interesting. Being the model for the day was humbling; a great reminder of the work and excitement our clients feel. I’m very pleased to share this featured article. You can check it out here: Behind Alias Josie

Enjoy! Feature
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Dressing Room Renovation

We’re finally happy with the dressing room design. The original color we painted the room with wasn’t working at all. We tried using a large damask stencil over the paint, but that didn’t turn out the way we intended, so we ended up going with a wallpaper. Turns out putting up wallpaper is quite a bit of work, but the results were great.

ChristinaDressing Room Renovation
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Barn Door

Where once there was an orange panel wall on our terrace, we now have have a magical “barn door to nowhere”.  We repurposed some baseboard to frame out a faux door, then used several different layers of paint to give it a weathered beach barn look. Add in some old hardware from Urban Ore, and voila!


ChristinaBarn Door
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