About Us

Owning my own studio was a dream for many years, thanks to hard work and the support of my amazing partner, it has become a reality. I’ve spent the last decade exploring my strengths in cosmetology, set design, pose coaching, dance, fitness training, and  photography. From my first day on set I knew boudoir photography was my passion. Hundreds of shoots later, I am still excited every time I to go into the studio. My partner, Jake is a lifelong artist (and great with all the tech questions) photographer, and entrepreneur. I feel so lucky to get to work with him. My process is unique, in that I execute (usually solely) the process from Hair/Makeup to editing. I’m right next to you making sure all the little details are in place (wardrobe & poses). I see every image as it is captured, allowing real-time creative fine-tuning to produce the most beautiful photographs possible.

“Alias Josie was many years in the making, and a dream realized.” – Christina


Ps. Here is a little more about the studio and what to expect;

The space is both private and secure.On most shoots, It will just be me and you. I pride myself on being both creative and meticulous. When you come to our studio, our space is your space. I will spend the time and energy to create amazing images of and for you. I don’t pack my schedule, so the only people you will see at our studio is me/us and you will have my/our full attention.  On larger Packages (more than 3 sets) & Video shoots, Jake usually assists me. (Jake is experienced and extremely respectful, but if you prefer to have a female assistant please let me know!)

Our session process:
First, you relax in our dressing room for hair and makeup. This is a good time to discuss more of what you are looking for, toss around ideas, and enjoy a complimentary drink/snacks.
Most shoots include at least 2 sets/wardrobe changes. I will guide you through posing and make sure we are capturing your best angles.
After the shoot is wrapped up, and before you leave, I’ll give you a preview of a few images so you have an idea of what to expect. I will generally have your edited photos for your viewing within 7-10 days

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